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She is a magician, choreographer and director of shows. Able to merge the classic and the contemporary, 

Dance and mystery, magic and emotion. 

She has an oriental romantic charm and shows sympathy in every action. 

She has traveled the 5 continents, becoming one of the most important magicians on the current scene.

 Violeta Zheng invites you to travel through the fascinating world of Eastern magic.



  She was born in Guilin, a small town in southern China. At only four years of age , she began studying at the National School of Olympic Gymnastics. 

  After 4 years of effort without the expected results, the school management decided to move her to a conventional school, where she would stay for 2 years, which would be the happiest of her childhood. At the end of this period , she is selected to study at the professional school of artists in Guanxi, in the disciplines of dance, acrobatics and dramatic art.

  After graduating from this school, she worked at the Acrobatic Group in Guilin for ten years, making this small group one of the best available in the service of the country. 

  In 1994 she traveled with her school to Beijing to undertake internships with the group "Qigong Great Wall of Beijing". There she would meet the man who would be her magic teacher "Shi JieZhuo Ma" and they would establish a friendship, That is when Violeta Zheng, only 11 years old, would show her interest in the manipulation of cards ,which for her, at that moment , would only be skill or juggling exercises, without her being aware that this was magic.

  In 1999 she continued working on the "Acrobatic Troupe" but did not feel fulfilled as a result of  missing what would be her true vocation: to get on stage. It is then and on the occasion of the presentation of a magic show in her city with international participation, that she had the opportunity to help  backstage with famous illusionists; this opens up the possibility of approaching the secrets and mystery of the art of illusionism.

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*2002 - Silver Medal in the "National Congress Of Magic", China.


*2003 - Award "New Talents in the Magic", in the International Congress of Magic, China.

*2003 - Gold Medal in the International Competition, China.

*2005 - First Prize "Mystery Award" in the Magic Convention of S.A.M., Boston, U.S.A.

*2005 - The Mystic Craiy Award SAM, U.S.A.

*2005 - Winner of "MANDRAKE D'OR", París.

*2005 - First Prize "National Congress of Magic", Spain.

*2007 - First Prize "National Congress of Magic",  Cannes, France.

*2019 - Popular voting prize "International Magic Festival, Memorial Li Chang", Badalona, Spain.

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Her first encounter with Juan Mayoral was in 2003, at the International Congress of Magic in Shanghai. That's where he won the "New Talent in Magic" Award. As Juan had been a master and a genius in magic for a long time, Violeta Zheng had  great admiration for him. That memory was captured in a simple photograph between an idol and a young girl , neither knowing if their paths would cross again. 

After a while Violeta Zheng was invited to a performance in Bangladesh and there she coincided with Juan again. Maybe it was fate, or perhaps chance, that made their lives coincide once more. At that time Juan was fascinated to see her perform with the show "Recuerdos" and in Juan's praise of her they discovered that they had the same ambitions and ideas about illusionism ... and they fell deeply in love.

Juan, being an experienced person, would not only be Huang Zheng's great love, but would also be her master in the art of magic and life.

Her first show, "Memories",  reflects the love story of an oriental girl. With this show she would travel the world , receiving numerous prizes and awards as she went. Then, other creations would take shape , like "Air" or "I dance with my shadow".

Her poetic style permeates each of her numbers and , as she states:


"Magic transmits my emotions."

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