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"Sometimes I forget if the air is the breathing of the earth or is the simple breathing of the human." Constant, continuous ... 

Why does it never stop?
Why do not you allow us to stop?
Feel with your soul and enjoy the moment ! From every moment ...

The air is in my hands; and I am in his arms." 

It can be said that this project is the fruit of the love between Juan and her. One day after a performance, Juan was driving and enjoying the Castilian landscape of Leon, and watching a flag rising above the blue sky. Juan thought that if everything in the magician's hands was capable of rising, it would be very interesting. This project was not carried out for many years; however, he conveyed the idea to some colleagues so that they could make it happen and none of them succeeded. Years later, Huang Zheng visualized that idea 20 years before, and as two connected souls, as if fate would have wanted it that way, the AIRE project was completed after two years of work participating in the FISM World Magic Congress 2015 , despite not winning the prize.

There is where happened the legendary story between Juan and the FISM. This did not affect the show cause she was invited at important congress of magic in Great Britain, Portugal, Germany, Spain, China... appart of important TV shows like "Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde" of France or "Pura Magia" of Spain.

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